Saturday, February 13, 2016

Nap Time Project: Valentine's Heart Banner

Pete came home from preschool wanting to make and string together hearts for grandma's house, because she didn't have ANY Valentine's Day decorations. Nora was snoozing away so we started working on it.  I couldn't find the construction paper but did find scrapbooking paper so we used it, which they turned out cute enough I went ahead and laminated them for multi year use. I folded and drew the line for Pete to cut on and he cut everyone of those hearts out, which for a preschooler I'd say was pretty good.  I ran them through out laminater and ended up cutting them out of the lamination because I doubted Pete could cut a border around them, that's a bit more advanced. I used my sewing machine to string them all together, it went much faster than punching holes and tying!

Supplies Needed:
Scrapbook paper, 4 hearts per sheet so plan accordingly
lamination supplies
sewing machine

Draw the lines for your hearts, and cut.  I could fit 3/4 of the hearts in each laminating sheet and laminated them.  Cut apart leaving a border around each one. Next sew about 1/2 inch to the edge do a couple stitches with nothing there then add the next heart and sew into it another 1/2 inch.  Make the banner as long as you'd like or needed.  
Pete cutting out a heart
Showing off the finished product

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