Sunday, February 21, 2016

An Actual Snowy Day!

This year has been pretty sparse on the snowfall for us.  We've managed to be missed on about every system and lake effect possible this year.  Some people are thrilled with that but not me, I bought new snowboots and coats for the kids only to have them sit in a closet all season long!  Finally we got some last week, though by Friday and Saturday it was in the mid 60s for temperatures...don't you love Indiana weather?! It was Nora's first time really getting to enjoy playing in the snow, Dexter had a hoot in it even because it wasn't too deep to touch his tummy, and Pete of course had a blast playing in it!
Nora helping Daddy shovel snow

Dex in his sweater

Snowy Selfie

Family Selfie.  If only Pete had a better expression on his face it would have been great.  Looks like he is ready to sneeze!

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