Monday, February 22, 2016

A Warm Spring Day...In February!

Snow one day and 60s later in the week.  The story of Indiana weather and life.  I enjoyed being able to wash the cars, though with the huge long lines at the car wash I ended up doing it myself in the driveway, it was 66 degrees!  We turned on the whole house fan and opened up all the windows and pulled in lots of fresh air, and hopefully got rid of all the germs from the winter in the process, so tired of everyone being sick!  Phil took the kids on a walk down to the neighborhood park to play, while I took care of the much needed cleaning of the vehicles.  The kids had a blast playing in a remaining pile of leaves in the yard that had gotten missed over the fall, I was hoping they'd blow away and not be my problem anymore, but alas Karma got me there...
Nora playing in the leaves

Pete making the big pile to jump in.

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