Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pete Loves Nora

It really does amaze me how much Pete loves Nora.  He is so good with her, which was not really what I was expecting while I was pregnant but I'm thrilled! Pete even shares his Rescue Bots with Nora which is incredibly surprising since they are his favorite toys. Nora loves crawling around and trying to see what he is up to and join in the fun by gnawing all his stuff.

Giving Nora his Rescue Bots that don't change
Pete was "reading" a little book and Nora crawled over to see what he was up to.  Pete let her look over his shoulder for a little bit, until she started drooling on it and attempting to eat the book, so then he moved away for some strange reason.

Can you tell these guys have an English teacher for a Dad?!

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