Friday, January 2, 2015

Vacation: Evanston and Logan

We started out our day in Rawlins, Wyoming. We fueled up and hit the road, then immediately stopped because of a jackknifed semi that blocked the whole road. All of the traffic was forced to get around it by driving on the shoulder. We finally made it to Evanston but not until just before church with Phil's sister Amanda. We stayed for the first hour of church then headed out for Logan Utah and Phil's brother. 
Pete and Nora at church the Sunday before Christmas

Once we got to Logan we unpacked the car at Ben's house for the night. There was a Sunday dinner at Phil's aunt Janette. Pete played, ate a little and then joined in on the cookie decorating fun with his cousins.  At bed time he got to "camp" on his cousins bedroom floor. 
Nora just couldn't handle all the fun and fell asleep on daddy
Pete decorating cookies we Stewart and Hannah. 

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