Monday, January 5, 2015

Mimijumi Very Hungry Bottle Review

Nora seems to have a keen sense of what she likes and doesn't like; she's rather opinionated when it comes to what goes into her mouth. She has never liked a pacifier, which was not something I was thrilled with in the beginning and some days still.  She is also rather picky about her bottle when she actually needs to use one instead of just nursing from me.  Pete never cared where his milk came from as long as he was getting fed.  I have quite a stash of pumped milk in our deep freeze and use it when I get a subbing job or have a date night with Phil. Before trying out the Mimijumi Very Hungry bottle we had one bottle that Nora would halfway eat from if I wasn't able to nurse for some reason.

I found this bottle on a top bottle list for breastfed babies and decided to contact the company for a chance to review it on the blog for you.  Well, we love it!

First of all, Nora will eat out of it without nearly as much fighting. She seems to have a very strong gag reflex and if the nipple is too long she gags and spits it out. Most bottles are too long for her liking and she gets frustrated and shuts down for a nap instead of eating.
Using our Mimijumi on vacation after Nora decided against nursing at the rest stop

The texture of the bottle is great for Nora. The nipple is soft and pliable and has a almost skin-like feel to it.  Phil noticed that Nora interacted more with this bottle than the other one that she will take.  She likes to eat with her hand up on the beige part of the nipple/cap of the bottle.  This is very similar to what she does while she is nursing.

Starting off dinner
It is very easy to clean, just a couple of pieces and no nooks or crannies.  I also love the fact I can put it in the top rack of our dishwasher and actually tell it is clean.  No special bottle brushes or straw cleaners that I have to use to pre-wash before using the dishwasher.

The price is fairly steep personally.  I spend most of my time with Nora as a stay-at-home mom, so I'm able to nurse on demand.  If I were working full-time away from home, it would be very worth it to purchase considering how lousy Nora does with taking other bottles.  I don't stress out about leaving her with my mom or another sitter because I know that she will eat from this bottle, though sometimes she gets a bit too relaxed and falls asleep before she finishes!

Getting ready for a snooze while eating.

If you'd like to learn more about mimijumi and their line of bottles checkout their website.  They are also active on facebook and instagram.

I received the Very Hungry Mimijumi bottle for free in order to review, but all comments and reviews are my own and not that of the company's.  All of the pictures are my own.

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