Friday, November 6, 2015

Farmhouse Table Review

We decided it was time to upgrade our table this fall.  We all fit around it but if we had company of any sort then we were too big for it.  We've had the table since before kids so it was kinda bittersweet to get rid of it, but the new Farmhouse Table we got from Furniture and Concrete Gallery has been completely worth it!
all ready for fall

I love the dark top and pickled bottom.  I was really hesitant with the grooves between the boards on this style of table but really it hasn't gotten too horribly disgusting, even with both kids.  We use a damp microfiber towel and wipe up crumbs from the grooves and for more problematic pieces pull out the vacuum with the crevice attachment.  Nora likes to use the bench for a table at snack time but for most meals she sits in her ikea highchair at one end without the try on. Works great!  We also love how much more room we have though this table is actually bigger than our other one.  The benches slide under the table for storage and unlike our chairs that had rounded back don't stick out.  
The bench fits under the table
These tables were handmade, fit in our minivan with the back seat out and were a great price and quality.  Here is their facebook page with more info about their products. All of which are adorable and affordable! They also have a website here.

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