Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pamper Crusiers Review

Thanks to Influenster we were able to try out the new Pampers Cruisers with the three Extra Absorb Channels.  The first time I tried these on Nora was at nap time.  She woke up after a 90 minute nap and didn't have a saggy butt in her jeggings.  When I changed her you could see the lines from the three channels working to spread out the wetness throughout the whole diaper.  They've worked really well for us while trying them out.  Nobody and no-baby likes a saggy diaper, I think that she is more comfortable when the diaper stays where it is supposed to and not drooping. She has really sensitive skin and if the diaper is just right she ends up with a nasty rash.I also generally change her every 2 hours, other than bed and nap times.
#SagtoSwag for Nora
The diapers were free thanks to Pampers and Influenster, all opinions are my own and not those of either company. If you are interested in trying out products you can join influenster here.

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