Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fashion Farm: Pumpkin Fantasyland

My parents just got home from a big vacation down to Florida, so we took advantage of having them home and the beautiful fall colors happening right now to take a trip to Ligonier, Indiana to visit the Fashion Farm Pumpkin Fantasyland.  My mom remembered taking us to it and it being a bit on the silly side but us enjoying it.  The cost was great only $2 per person and the kid mazes being $1 and Nora was free since she is under 2 years old.  We didn't go on the hayride since it was a bit chilly and I wasn't sure how Nora would fare.  The theme for the pumpkins are kids books, though there are a couple that aren't from books but great all the same.  Pete enjoyed noticing some of his favorite characters as pumpkins.
Greeting us at the very start of the Fantasyland

The classic and probably my favorite all the US presidents! The hair and facial hair is hilarious on these and amazingly looks pretty dang close.

Little Critter

Otis the tractor

Almost 4 feet tall!

Another favorite Dolly Parton Pumpkin, oh and that's my mom....

These were just great and different.

Really it was a great time.  The majority of the activities were covered so when it started dumping rain we were able to stay dry and just spend some extra time looking.  So if you are looking for a pumpkin patch to check out we would highly suggest the Fashion Farm.  The pumpkins were also 29 cents a pound.  

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