Thursday, August 30, 2012

Before and After: Front Room

Here is the entrance into our New House!  I finally found my camera after moving and was able to take the after shots.  We didn't do much in here except to paint and hang curtains and put in some furniture.  We used Ace Hardware brand paint throughout the whole house except for one room, it worked great and the employees there were actually knowledgeable. This room is called Tumble Weed.  It is a bit darker than the color before since the last one was a dirty off white.


Tressa Nichols said...

Very nice. No color though. Are you going to leave the walls white?

Jami said...

Oh I like it! I hardly have anything on the walls at all... I'm so picky :D

Kim said...

The walls are beige and the curtains are green and blue stripes. I just didn't take a picture.