Thursday, August 30, 2012

Before and After: Pete's Room

Pete's room is painted in Carthage also from Ace Hardware. We had the primer tinted to the color as well and it took two coats of primer to cover the earlier color.  The tinted primer worked out great for covering these horrible colors.  Pete's room is a barnyard.  I did both the paintings on his wall. They are based off of the cows from Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type.  It took me a couple hours to complete and I watched a movie while doing it.  Pete wakes up every morning and tells me about the cows on his walls.  They are his favorite things.  The milk canister holds his blocks and the corn is actually a trivet, both are from Home Sweet Home in Warsaw. Pete is still in the crib that Phil's dad made for him and the furniture was Phil's from when he was a kid.  Grandma Horn found the table at goodwill for Pete.  I'm going to paint it sometime soon because the top is getting a bit worn from use.  I still have one more painting to do with a canvas that Grandma Lich gave us for Pete's birthday.  It is going to be Shaun the Sheep (Pete's favorite tv show).  His curtains are the same ones from the apartment so it made it easy on me that way! I also sewed a tractor quilt for his crib, that he loves to be covered up with every night. 

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