Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Chef

 On Monday nights we have a friend over to our house for dinner and to play Settlers of Catan.  It is one of our favorite games, but it isn't nearly as much fun with two people as it is with more.  Once we found out he was a fan we decided to start having him over for Family Home Evening.  Tonight Phil wanted Cinnamon Rolls for dessert so I found a recipe on Pinterest and started making them, while also working on the rest of dinner.  Pete decided that since I was cooking he also needed to be cooking as well.  So he pulled out my mini-muffin pan and dumped his snack bowl into it.  He also had to put on his apron since I had mine on, so I put him in one of my smaller ones and folded it up so he wouldn't trip on it.  He also needed to pull out a huge can of Potato Pearls (or it might have been wheat, I'm not really sure, but he didn't get the lid off!), olive oil and a couple pots and pans.  I had to snap a few pictures before my hands were covered in the doughy mess of cinnamon rolls.  It is so fun that he is starting to do what we are doing.  I loved the apron and think I might have to start making him his own.  Something ultra masculine, since most of mine are incredibly frilly.  Phil has a nice simple striped denim one that he wears, so Pete needs something too.

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