Saturday, February 4, 2012

Remote Controls and Hunting Houses

These are some of Pete ultimate favorite toys.  My Dad has about 4 floating around the basement for the grandkids to play with when they are over. They are always a favorite with the kids though some of them move a bit too fast for the younger kids to really enjoy without being a bit scared by them.  Pete is a bit ridiculous with playing with the cars though.  He wants them all the time and no matter how well you hide them he always seems to be able to find them, he has some kind of built in radar.  Pete does seem to believe boys are the only ones that can make them go, don't worry I try to prove this wrong but he just throws a fit about it then.  Tonight though the tables have turned and he now has his very own toddler remote control car.  It is pretty basic and just goes forward and turns to the left in a circle to change directions but really I don't think Pete could handle much more than that.  I got it all set up for him tonight so it is ready for him in the morning. I just can't wait for him to find it and figure it out!  I'm almost giddy with excitement. 

Today we also went house hunting. We went to a couple in our price range and found one just out of our range in a neighborhood that we like. It has been on the market for awhile so it should drop sometime and get in our range hopefully. So far though we haven't found too much to get excited for, but we aren't looking too much right now anyway since we don't want to move until May/June. Part of me is scared that we are going to settle because our lease will run out and we will need somewhere to live but most of me just likes to look around and see what there is in town.  It really is a love hate relationship with searching for houses, sometimes it gets really disappointing thinking about how cruddy some of these look, while other surprise you with actually looking pretty decent.


Jami said...

We're looking too! I have the same fear about settling! But I don't want to hold out forever either... I want to be out of an apartment ASAP!
Good Luck! I hope you get the one you want... p.s. offer them something low! I'm sure they'll take it :D

The Byards said...

All I have to say is start your mortgage/loan paperwork EARLY! We're about a month into the process and only just now getting approved! Nothing's finalized yet! PS--closing costs are ridiculous!

Calling Cards said...
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Kim said...

Sorry I was in the wrong email account!

I'm hoping that the bank will cover the closing costs. Most of the mortgages that I have looked at we wouldn't have to pay the closing costs. But those programs also are picky about the house conditions and are hard to meet for some of our price range.