Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well first it starts out with last week.  We were at the dreaded walmart and Pete tripped and smashed his face on a corner of a shelf and got his very first black eye.  It has now entered that wonderful time when it is a nasty shade of purple/yellow.  He cried for maybe a minute, mostly out of fear and then went back to terrorizing the toy aisle.  Now today we were playing and home and he was attacking my appliance cupboard and he broke my George Foreman grille in half!  He snapped two pieces of metal in half, they weren't incredibly thick or anything but still it wasn't just wimpy old plastic either! 

So is he a super hero with crazy strength or a super villain bent on the destruction of my appliances?

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RobertandHeather said...

I vote he is a super hero who doesn't know his own strength yet. So until he learns his strength he will be extremely destructive, partially due to his curiosity. Later he will figure it out, mature, grow to approximately 6' 6'' and then save the world with his super strength!