Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Year in Review- Pete's First Year

Friday was Pete's birthday it started off his celebration by waking up at 2 am screaming. I noticed the time and realized that it was exactly a year since he first met grandma and grandpa Horn at the hospital, (they were in town and he should have been there much earlier). We didn't do too much we spent most of the day at grandma's house baking his birthday cakes.
Here is a review of Pete's first year in pictures!
2 hours old
3 months old
Christmas Day
6 months
7 months
8 months
9 months
Birthday Picture

It is hard to believe that I have spent an entire year with such an amazing little boy! I love watching you grow up and look forward to doing it for the eternities! I love you so much and can't wait for each day so that we can play, but I also love watching you become independent and play alone with your toys too.

Happy Birthday Petester!

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