Friday, August 26, 2011

Stinky Pete

Pete is being such a stinker lately! Today he was anti-nap all day long I finally got him down for his morning nap at 11am and his afternoon nap didn't come at all today, though he did play in his crib for 30-40 minutes while I decided to take a break. Today he also decided that he didn't like his lunch, so he barfed it back at me (and over his tray and clothes and the floor). He ate the same thing for dinner last night, but didn't want anything to do with it today at lunch time! He has been super fussy lately too. I think he is teething which is probably the culprit on most of this but it is insane all the same. Pete is off bottles now and using sippy cups for during the day full time his early morning milk is in a bottle because truthfully I'm not with it enough to handle Pete with a sippy cup at 5 am! Before he was happy with the flip straw ones then one day he wouldn't have anything to do with them, we tried all the ones we owned and he wouldn't use any of them. Finally as a last resort I tried some Aunt Kate gave me that she didn't like that were the super cheap take and toss ones and he loved them! But the down side is that he is already breaking through them because of teething on them while he drinks. I did research (okay way too much research) into which ones were good and that he might actually like, he didn't care with the bottles as long as there was milk he was happy so I wasn't use to this type of behavior. Finally I decided on an Avent insulated one (with elephants!) and he actually likes it! I'm so glad because I really didn't want to deal with owning a billion and saving them for years down the road when we have another toddler that needs a sippy cup.

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Betty Jo said...

I love Peter he's so stinking adroable! I miss him to pieces.