Tuesday, July 19, 2011

California Zephyr- a Mini-Vacation

We headed out to Utah in the end of June for a family reunion and vacation. We got a good deal with Amtrak and took the California Zephyr out. We left from downtown Indy with help from Aunt Kate early in the morning and went to Chicago for the main part of the trip. Pete did great on the train and is something we plan to continue to use in the future because of price, no wear and tear on our cars and it is like a mini-vacation on its own! We had coach seats but they were like recliners, not airplane seats. They were big enough that Pete was able to sleep between us and not get squished, the temperature is nice too and I would recommend a blanket for at night. We could get up and walk around the entire \trip there was a dining car (too expensive for us so we packed our food and they provide free hot water hint hint) they observation car and lounge is where we spent a lot of time. The lounge car had booths where people sat and played board games and cars with big windows on the sides. The observation car had seats that face straight out of the windows. Both of the cars were open to everyone so when we hit Denver we headed back there to get good seats to see the first glimpse of the mountains. The views were amazing, part of the tracks went through passes that were all alone with not much evidence of humans other than the railroad. Our train was delayed because of freight train traffic. The floods and fires in other parts of the country made the trains get moved to our rail line instead, we ended up being 9 hours late to arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah. This worked out better for us, but would have been annoying if we had some place to be at a certain time.


Me said...
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Rachael said...

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I love trains, they are a fantastic way to travel for all the reasons you mentioned! I've had great experiences with them with the exception of the train food (so good of you to avoid it).