Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reunion and Fun

Our main goal of vacation was to head out to the Welch Family Reunion in Corrine, Utah. We had lots of fun hanging out with Phil’s grandparents and his aunts, uncles and cousins. Most of the people at the reunion hadn’t met Pete or seen us since our wedding reception-3 years ago! Pete had a blast playing with his cousins-Stew, Hannah, Robert and Alania. He also thoroughly enjoyed be loved on by his aunts and uncles and Phil’s younger cousins. We were able to get pictures and hangout. We also had a wedding reception for his aunt that was married earlier this year. Phil took me over to the Box Elder Tabernacle for my birthday while Grandma Call watched Pete for us. We got to see the Brigham City Temple being built across the street and even got some pictures of what it will look like when it is finished. After the reunion we took a quick trip to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We got there late at night and decided to take adavantage of Pete sleeping by taking a short walk and enjoying the view alone. Afterwards we went to hangout with Amanda and David up in Evanston. We decided at the last minute to drive back to Indiana with Phil’s dad to keep him company and get a full refund on the train tickets! It was fun to be able to see the country both by train and car. We made the return trip home in two days. Pete was happy the whole time and the entire cross-country road trip cried for 5-10 minutes even when being in the rear seat of a pickup truck! All of the pictures and videos from vacation are on Phil’s ipod and his computer is at my parents’ house so those will have to wait until another day to be posted.

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