Monday, June 20, 2011

Exciting Weekend

Phil had his interview on Thursday and was offered a job at 10pm that night! We gladly accepted and are now just waiting for the approval of the school board, which shouldn't be a problem at all! We are starting to look for apartments in Warsaw and are getting excited to move on from college life. We think we found a place we like near the school and 3 bedrooms, which would be great that way I can have a sewing room and Phil can have a desk other than in our bedroom. It also has a washer and dryer hookup so we can use the one Matt and Tashina gave us. Sweet! I finally used a giftcard from Shutterfly that I got last year for registering Pete at Target, I got Phil a notebook and a couple magnets for our fridge with our spring break pictures. Saturday was a birthday party for Ally in Plainfield so we went down for that and had a great time and enjoyed some amazing food. After the party we headed down to Batesville to spend Father's Day with Phil's dad. We had a great time with everyone and just got back at about 7.30 this morning! For Father's day Pete got Phil two new ties (though he has been wearing them for interviews when he couldn't find one he liked last month) and I made him a driving cap like the one he has, but for summer. I have one I am making for Pete to match, but with the interviews up in Warsaw messed up my secret sewing time so that is slated to be finished this week. It was a great weekend and very exciting time for us!

****note I have still not taken any pictures off of my camera from before spring break and haven't taken any since spring break, so sorry for the lack of pictures lately, I'll try to do that soon.****

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