Friday, October 9, 2009

Gag Me with a Nobel Peace Prize

I wonder if I can get the Nobel Peace Prize, I mean really I donated $5 at a bake sale yesterday, doesn't that count now that they are just giving it away to anybody...Oh wait... I need to make a movie with bad science (Al Gore 2007) or give some fancy speeches filled with political promises (Obama 2009). Personally I think that the bake sale money will go to promote more world peace (see here) than either of those two things will.

I have a slight feeling Mr. Nobel is rolling over in his grave...

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Kristie said...

Must be the day for 'donating'. We went to a rummage sale to help people who have lost their homes. Somehow the coat Danni wore there got put into all the other stuff we were buying. Bill didn't know, so he paid $2.00 for a coat we already owned! I should get a prize too!