Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Starting to Feel like Schultz...

At work lately something has been going on, I really know nothing. It started a few weeks ago with me suddenly covering the front office because one secretary was having a meeting with the head of the department and the other decided not to come in. Once she got back from lunch after the meeting and I went back to my office across the building I talked to my boss, she doesn't even know anything about what is going on but knows that whatever it is, isn't pretty.

Yesterday the same thing happened and the other two secretaries in the department skipped out of the office for a few hours while she went into a meeting with the department head and had me cover the office again. They have a few reasons to like me:
1. I play dumb very well.
2. I don't care what is going on.
3. Even if I knew what was going on, who am I going to tell? I'm just a student.
4. All of the secretaries like me.

It has been interesting covering the main office. Normally I just clean stuff that even the janitors won't do, copy tests and quizzes, feed fish, and listen to a smaller office phone to ring (which never does). The main office though is the one for the whole department! Their phone rings and has to transfer calls (I found the manual online and downloaded it for reference), students come in to take tests, mail is delivered, visitors come in with questions. I feel bad for anyone doing anything with the department while I am working there-they normally get the response of "they'll be back in an hour" or "truthfully I don't know how to transfer calls, here is his direct number" (hence the manual on the computer now) or "I'm just a student worker, I don't have access to that", or "its somewhere in the supply closet".

Hopefully everyone will be getting along better now. Though it is nice to get paid to just sit there when no one is in the office, nothing like blogging and getting paid for it!

Oh. Just in case you were wondering where I came up the quote from Hogan's Heros. This is one of my favorite tv shows of all-time. I watched it all the time growing up on TV Land and some other network during the day, even in high school I watched it (does that say something about my social life as a kid, if I watched shows that started out in black and white?)

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