Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Enchanted Evening

Things have been busy lately but not too bad they could always be worse, like the week Phil worked 40 hours at McDonald's and 12 at Marsh Grocery Store! We normally have a few days together during the week where we run to the store and do the small things together that most people would call boring. I think it is important to get joy out of the little ordinary things so the few times something extraordinary comes around it is even better! For example... Today we both got off of work at 6pm and Phil rented Enchanted from Redbox for free. I wanted to watch it for our one month anniversary but Phil didn't want to see it really, but he said I could watch it tonight while he worked on Thank You cards, well we both ended up watching the movie! Oh some exciting news for next week. Phil is going to Scout Camp with some of the Young Men because the scout leaders couldn't go so he is spending Tuesday night at the camp which is just north of Fort Wayne, which means I am going to spend Tuesday and part of Wednesday in Warsaw with Mom and such! It will be a fun time to see everyone again during the week with no big event taking place! Well see everyone up in Warsaw next week (if the schedule at work turns out right)

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