Wednesday, July 9, 2008

End of weekend vacations...

So things have been busy down here with work and what not. We have been traveling an awful lot lately on the weekends, but that should be over this weekend after Indiana Beach! I am so excited to go this year for a break from everything! Work is really fun I don't mind it too much I just need to get more hours so I can actually make some money to survive hopefully hours will pickup once I am home on the weekends and they aren't punishing me for having a life outside of Marsh Supermarket. We went on a bike ride after work yesterday because I was off at 7.30 and Phil was off at 6.00. We rode on the Cardinal Greenway for a nice bit, when we turned around to come home Phil stopped to fill up his tires because they we low. Well the pump decided that it didn't want to put air in and instead let it all out. So we had to carry the bike home the entire way back. We were probably quite a strange sight one person pushing a bike and one person with a bike on their shoulder! But there was a blessing to be had in all of this, the rain held off until we were home, and then it poured! Today Phil went to work at 7.00am and gets off at 1.30 so we are hoping to have a fun-filled afternoon and evening! Oh and I am off today too. So I have decided that married life is absolutely wonderful!

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