Sunday, December 25, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

My awesome sister in law (Larissa, since I have a bunch of them) gave us a family photo shoot for Christmas, if you're in Utah I'm going to highly recommend her because we got through an entire family photo shoot with no tears and minimal bribes (that's a big deal people).  Here is her website and facebook page.

We took all of these at the cabin and dock at Phil's parents house, they've got this rustic/primitive cabin down on their pond that the guys (and Sarah) fixed up this year. Now hopefully shutterfly will have lots of good deals for me since these are amazing!  Oh and sorry (not really) about the overload, I couldn't just post a couple.

Um doesn't this almost capture how rotten he is? almost?

Nora adorable shoes.  I'm glad Larissa enjoyed them too and took a picture of them

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Rachel Foster said...

Love them! Great pictures!