Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas 2016

This Christmas was our first for us away from Indiana.  It was different for sure, we ended up having our own family Christmas a week before actual Christmas since we would be away from home and didn't really want to travel with everything, the van was full enough for the return trip as it was with the presents from out west.
Pete playing with a toy Nora got him for Christmas

We managed to miss snow all across Indiana, and had a great drive getting there and back with no delays or issues.  Our van decided to sound like dirt on the way out but was able to repair the leak with a mechanic in Batesville without too much hassle. The kids loved spending time with Aunts, Uncle and a soon-to-be Uncle along with SkyPopo and PoMa (Nora's name for SkyPopo Grandma) at their house, as you saw we had our family pictures taken with great success.
Sarah and Nora after cutting down the Christmas Tree

playing down by the pond

Nora begged aunt sarah to be on hair duty
Dex's face just made me laugh on this one
Enjoying some swinging time with Daddy and Uncle James

Here's a closer shot of Nora's face during this fun with James, she's loving it!
We traveled up to Warsaw after that and surprised my Grandmas with a quick visit on Christmas Day before my parents got home from a party with friends.  We stuck around there for a week seeing lots of family, having lots of Christmas parties and eating too much junk.  We played a ton of board games (Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride Europe, 7 Wonders) with Matt and Tashina while the kids entertained themselves... this whole kids growing up thing is kinda nice.

Ticket to Ride Europe
First picture of the new year
Eventually it was time to come back home and reality in general, Phil and Pete both had to go back to work and I had to get life back in order on the homefront with taking down the decorations, unpacking and figuring out how all the new stuff would fit in the house.

I swear she listened to the frozen soundtrack for like 9 of the 13 hours of the drive home

Listening to his Scripture Scouts the whole way home

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