Sunday, June 23, 2013

Anniversary Celebration

It seems like every year there is something going on the day of our anniversary.  The first year it was Phil's first day on at a new job and took up the whole day with training and what not. It just seems to be a very overscheduled day for us. Luck I guess.  This year Phil was in Muncie for an AP training for school, it actually took up the whole week and then he stayed an extra day for a reading conference.
Pete and Phil with a kangaroo sitting behind them
Pete and Kim having a fun ride

 We went ahead and celebrated early with a trip to the zoo on the 8th.  Pete came along too since my parents weren't available to watch him.  It was fun.  I'd gone the day before with Pete but we had a great time the second time around too.  It was Phil's second time to the Fort Wayne zoo and he had a fun time too. We were even there to see the birds being fed in Australia, which was fun because they were so stinking close to us!  I rode the carousel with Pete, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Pete brushing the goats
We also celebrated again later on when a friend gave us VIP tickets to the Spin Doctors.  Every year the city hosts a free rock concert (they have others too but this is the biggest)  We ended up with front row center seats.  It was great!  Phil wasn't sure about going up but I talked him into it, since I listened to the band from growing up.  He ended up loving it to and wanting to their newest album. 

All in all it was a great anniversary and I look forward to countless more!

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