Monday, June 10, 2013

Fast Forward Five Years...

Five years ago today we were married in the Logan Utah temple at 10am.  Boy how things have changed in those short five years. We've had a wonderful son, graduated from college (without debt, yeah I'm still bragging about that one), moved out of our beloved Muncie where we fell in love, got a REAL job, and own a house!  

Newborn Pete

Ball State Graduation
 Time sure does fly!  You know what else has changed?! Our looks, I sure do not look much like that June Bride five years later.  I've given up on the long hair and went with a pixie, ditched the contacts for glasses and well lots not talk about being able to fit in that dress...Phil has changed as well, but not quite as obvious as my changes, he now has the thick glasses a bit bigger widow's peak.  Maybe I've changed more since I was a decent bit younger, but I guess that will happen when you get married at 19.  Most people think/thought I was crazy for getting married that young.  Best decision ever! 
Current Couple Picture.

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BJC said...

We're sure glad that you chose to get married at 19 (to Phil)!