Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What do you do in the Summer Time...

...When daddy is away?

Do you go to the zoo?

Pete driving the zoo's jeep

or stage a coup to help the time fly by?

( I was going to take a picture of my fresh off the line clothes Pete decided to drag all over my kitchen, but couldn't bring myself to do it)

Is that what you do?...So do I!

Do you dress up in capes?
One evening's fun

Or watch shows about apes...before bed?

snuggled up watching Curious George before bed. 
Is that what you do?...So do I!

Phil has been super busy already this summer. Sadly enough it doesn't really get much better either but we knew that was how it was going to be so I can't complain to much. It would be much better if he were home instead of trainings and scout camp, but oh well.  I'll just make up silly songs and blog in the meantime...that's what I do in the summer time. 

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