Friday, May 24, 2013

Garage Sale Season

The last couple of weeks I've been hitting the garage sales on Fridays.  I prefer Friday because it isn't nearly as busy.  I'm not a huge fan of the crowds so I try to avoid them if I can, especially when it involves cars and bad drivers.  I've gotten some great finds.  Pete got a couple of new toys that I knew he would like for a crazy good deal.  Mostly barnyard themed toys and a few games now that he is getting old enough to play with us.  He now has a magnetic barnyard matching game on the fridge, he absolutely loves it!  The only bad thing though is that the back half of the cow is gone so he gets annoyed with that so he makes hybrid animals instead.  Which really are so much more interesting anyway!  I picked up a new lawn chair today, it is one of my favorite kinds the canvas one with the footrest attached.  Love them!  Today I found one of the toys from my childhood that I never had, so I knew I had to pick it up for Pete. 

Do you remember these things?  I always thought they were cool, so for a buck I couldn't pass it up.  Do you know how hard it is to find boy toddler clothes at garage sales?  Well it is pretty much impossible!  Little baby clothes are everywhere as are sizes 6 and up in boys but anything from 3-5T in boys do not exist!

Do any clothes survive these years?  Should I consider it a bad omen for my future?


Rachael said...

I'm wondering if people get so many baby clothes and maybe not as many toddler clothes so when they sell there are lot more baby clothes? Have you tried Goodwill or Salvation Army for 2nd hand toddler clothes?

Kim Call said...

Ive thought about that too. Ive checked at goodwill they normally have pans but hardly ever any shirts! I just think it is insane the difference between the two. Heck even shopping at the store for boy clothed there are twice as many girl racks as boys. Ive had the dame problem withhis shoes too at the normal stores. But go to stride rite because his feet are too wide for most stores and they have star wars shoes that rock!