Thursday, May 30, 2013


trimming around his sandbox
We have really been doing tons of yard work lately.  Trimming trees, killing ants, spraying weeds, mowing the lawn, mulching, tilling the garden plot, tending the blueberry bushes and pear trees.  Lots and lots of new chores to do for us!  Really even when we lived in a house that we were responsible for the yard work and landscaping it wasn't this bad, but that is what happens when a house is left empty for years before it can be put up for sale!  Though we do love our house!  Today we are getting a new sliding door put up and I'm so excited to have a functioning one!  Pete has also been getting into the spirit.  He's still in love with his bubble mower, that doesn't blow bubbles.  He is also trying to let me allow him up to work on the gutter that is leaking next to his sandbox.  He hates the drip and spent quite awhile this morning trying to figure it out before we went to run errands and go to playgroup.  Much to his dismay though I'm not letting him up on the roof to fix it yet, but maybe we'll discuss the problem with Daddy and Grandpa and see if someone can fix it for him.  Now if only this excitement and love of work keeps with him for the next 16 years I'll be thrilled!
Investigating the cause of the drip

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