Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cooking up a Storm

   This morning he was playing with his kitchen down in the basement and was cooking up a yummy "sn-ack"to enjoy.  He'd stolen my hat and apparently decided it was his chef hat.  I love his little kitchen it was a great garage sale find last year, I especially love the sampler hanging on the wall next to it. Originally it had been in our kitchen but when we moved it didn't really work in the new house. I made the fruit and veggies for his kitchen though he could use some other food sometime. Right now he doesn't realize what he is missing out on so it works out well for us.
    I've been trying to not let him watch as much tv.  Which is such a hard battle to fight I won't lie.  Between my laziness and his persistence at wanting to watch it, it can be dang hard. It is so easy to just flip it on and let it run.  Lately the only reason he gets to watch a show is because of potty training.  It works really well to motivate him to go.  Some people use sticker charts, we use the tv and bath tub for motivation.

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