Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nap Time

Pete is being such a goofball today.  He freaked out today at the store with a crazy banshee scream.  I mean really it was ear splitting and annoying.  We ended up waiting in the car until Grandma finished up her shopping.  We stopped by McDonald's so Pete could eat a snack with Popo.  Really for him a happy meal would be perfect if it just didn't have the main food to it.  His favorite parts are the apples, fries, drink and the toy at the end.  I normally eat the main food, though today he ate one nugget.  The apples and milk are really the best parts of the thing for him.  Well we came home and he wanted to play in the "pool" (take a bath) so I said he had to pee in the toilet first, he did so he got some tub time.  I got him in his new dumptruck jammies, gave him a pacifier and sang him a song and laid him down.  A bit later I hear him giggling.  I check on him and he is giggling until he has the hiccups horribly!  I don't really know what was so funny but whatever it was had him rolling with laughter.  He kept trying to tell me, "woof blowing noise" giggle giggle, "woof house blowing noise" giggle giggle hiccups.  I don't know if Grandma's dog did something funny or what but it took me another 1/2 hour to get him down for his nap!  Crazy kid. 

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