Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So far we have been pretty dang successful with this potty training thing!  Pete is doing so well with it, he is blowing my mind.  He has been really freaky about underwear, don't know why but he was.  I had all plans and intentions to make him some boxers (it hasn't happened) but I keep asking him if he wants to wear big boy undies, so I've gotten no's until today.  I just asked him expecting a no and he said please!  I'll take that, any day, even if he doesn't actually pee in the diaper it is still annoying to take off when he needs to go and I'm too cheap to buy training pants.  Today he has been in them all day and hasn't had any accidents!  We even went to Lunch Bunch and the car wash today without any problems and I trusted him to ride on my shoulders for a bit!  I did put him in a diaper for his nap and probably will tonight too, but not to shabby for not planning on this or really working on it.  I also decided to make him some easy up and down pants.   I found a crazy good pattern on pinterest and made him so sweet tractor pants (though they really look like old man plaid pants that green tractors barfed on) but I do think I will make him some more in better fabric.  We definitely aren't finished with it yet, but Pete is well on his way for sure!

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