Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birthdays (yeah we got older too)

Preparing the cake
The cake
Pete isn't the only one that had a birthday the last couple of months when my blogging was lacking a nice bit due to vacations and moving.  Mine of course was in July.  I had a great time and welcomed 24 very well.  We had a fun time with everyone around and celebrating me...and Matt.  Phil just had his birthday a little bit ago in September.  We had a big party with everyone and celebrated Aunt Kate, Phil and my Mom's birthdays at the same time.  I decorated the cake which turned out really well except for the fact that there wasn't room in the fridge to keep it cool so it started to droop because of the heat.  Phil got some good gifts from everyone and we gave everyone else theirs.  Phil also was lucky enough to get a second party just with us closer to his real birthday.  He chose Jello cake (again) and got even more presents! He also had to blow out all 27 candles on his cake, which had started to melt the whipped cream! 
Who is that Cutie?
Notice what is in the picture frame?  A taxidermy squirrel picture, for the bathroom.

Birthday Boy    

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