Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pete's Surgery

Pete had his surgery today.  He was a great little trooper.  He wasn't able to eat after 7.30 this morning and had stop drinking at noon.  He did fine and didn't whine about it once.  We headed down a little early so that we were there and weren't around the house with him trying to stick to our normal schedule of eating snacks  and such.  We did a bit of shopping in Indy before heading to the surgery center.  Once we got in and got checked in we found out the doctor's other surgery was running behind and had some issues.  I had some Shaun the Sheep episodes and we all zoned out on those while waiting.  The nurses were a bit worried and came to check on us because he was so quiet and content.  Even when they came to get him he was fine and didn't even seem to miss us!  He woke up with no problem and didn't even cry for the nurse then!  Granted we did leave them a pacifier, but still.  He has two incisions and had to have a hernia fixed along with the other work that needed to be done.  He slept the whole way home and is currently snoozing away in his crib, snuggled up with his new Timmy Time sheep.  
Pete watching Shaun the Sheep and Phil napping before the surgery

Pete playing in a wagon while waiting

Mommy and Pete snuggling and proving he can still drink fluids

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Christina Griffith said...

I'm glad everything went well for you guys!