Monday, May 21, 2012


We have really bad luck.  So far every house that we have liked has had something happen first house 1 week late on financing and offer, 2nd house financing issue, 3rd house accepted offer same day as we are doing ours.  Lame.  I am sick and tired of the entire thing.  I feel like we have looked at every stinking house in town.  Ugh.  Now our apartment complex is requiring up to say if we are moving out or extending!  Dread.  Hopefully we will know what to answer them shortly, but as of right now I have no clue.  Part of me wants to say forget it and just be lazy and rent, but part of me says maybe a decent house will come around and we will get lucky.  I don't know, but hopefully something happens that we can decide on!

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Rachael W.T. said...

Sounds like a bummer! I feel for you about deciding whether or not to renew the lease. Is it possible to do month-to-month at a higher price or maybe even a 6 month lease with them?