Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It is official!

Summer is here!  Nothing screams summer more than the first Popsicle of the season.  Pete ran around the yard with his watering can in his swim trunks this afternoon and played in the water for a bit, cooked up a bit in his kitchen (that is still sitting in the garage) and played on the slide and swing.  A busy day for a little boy.  Pete is loving his kitchen still, though I need to get busy sewing him some food for it since I have all the stuff to do it, everything but the time!  I've been working a bunch lately since my job opportunities will go away with the school year ending.  I've also picked up a bunch of side projects from people so it keeps me busy.  Pete has been extra lovey to me because of it, so I won't complain about snuggling and watching some Timmy Time together. 

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Rachael W.T. said...

Cuteness! I bet that popsicle tastes great in the hot weather we're all having!