Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas with the Horn's

Last year we started having Christmas with my family a day ahead of schedule so Matt and Tashina could head back home for Santa to make a stop at their house for the kids and so they weren't rushed. We started out this year with the traditional Christmas Eve at Grandma Horn's house. We all ate some yummy Pizza Hut pizzas and the kids ate Happy Meals!  This is when we learned that Pete hates everything to do with them except for the chocolate milk!  He refused to eat any of his dinner and just ate the cheese ball and crackers with his milk!  Hopefully this will continue for the next say 10 years or forever and he'll just be a plain yogurt fiend for forever.  After dinner we opened some awesome presents.  Pete got some new clothes, a singing seahorse and a fake smartphone.  He loves running around the house "talking" on it and going from one room to another just like us!  Phil got an argyle cardigan and a pair of gym shorts and I got a new pair of dress shoes and a sweatshirt.  It was a great Christmas tradition, just a day early! 

Thanks for the great presents Grandma Horn!


Rachael said...

It's so great that Pete loves yogurt and not happy meals! :)

The Byards said...

Only a child of yours and Phil's would hate Happy Meals but love yogurt! I love it!