Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Hats with Instructions

I made some sweet Hello Kitty Hats for our nieces this year for Christmas.  In figuring out the pattern I made 3 other hats that I didn't like and ripped apart.  I finally decided on a basic idea I found after looking around on flicker.  I never found the pattern just a picture.  I tweaked around with it and made these awesome hats. They are worked flat and are great for beginners and are super fast to knit up and end up looking adorable.

worsted weight yarn
US size 8 needles
yarn needle

Baby=cast on 26 stitches
Toddler= cast on 28 stitches
Young Child=cast on 30 stitches
Adult=cast on 40 stitches

Hat Pattern
Cast on the correct number of stitches for the size of hat you are making.  Knit 4 rows in seed stitch.  Begin working in Stockinette stitch for 12 inches (for adult hat only, others will have to be "eyeballed" since I gave away the originals).  Knit 4 more rows in seed stitch and bind off.  Turn inside out and sew up sides of work with white yarn.

The cat hat is now done, it you are happy with having cat ears then put it on and strut your stuff if you want to pay homage to that dear kitty then a bow in the future. 

Bow Pattern
Cast on 9 stitches in desired color.  Work in stockinette stitch until it desired length.  Bind off leaving enough yarn to make the center of the bow by wrapping it around the middle of the the piece. Tie a knot to secure.  Sew this onto the bottom of the right (as you are looking at it) ear. 

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