Thursday, March 4, 2010

Plumbing Problems

This actually happened a couple weeks ago but I thought I should write about it in our saga of plumbing problems. I wrote about one in our last apartment with the tub and this one involves a tub again, just grosser. Phil had a ward conference in Noblesville so he left really early, I woke up to wave goodbye, then went back to bed until 9.30 (I love starting at 11). I got around and just before leaving I ran down in the basement to look for a different purse and stepped in water! I freaked ran to the basement bathroom and found it covered in water and some nasty stuff in the tub. I grabbed all of the bad/old towels we own and grabbed all of our white ones (we can bleach those ones) and sopped up the water. Then I tried calling Phil, who forgot to charge his phone the night before, and the ward where he was at, that never ever answered the phone. So then I was crying and desperate, I called dad. He said don't worry and don't run water. I went to church, I planned on telling everyone about the baby that Sunday but I was on the phone dealing with the plumbing so I didn't get to. We didn't get to take showers on Monday morning until after the roto-rooters came and fixed the problem. It was super gross because it was sewage bubbling up through the shower in the basement. Yuck! Then we got to clean it up, actually Phil got to because I'm not supposed to use the chemicals and I had him using straight bleach. I wasn't going to take any chances with it. It was gross and disturbing to say the least.

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