Sunday, February 28, 2010

Classes and Life

Personally my projects and paper are all but complete for the semester! I have had at least one every other day for the last 2 weeks. This week I have a 1-2 page paper due! Then for the rest of the semester I have 1 presentation and 3 smaller papers due (one of which is optional). It has been a crazy past few weeks, it is nice to wave goodbye to presentations and papers for awhile. Phil on the other hand is just now getting into big project season. I am not sure on how many he has (I don't know if he has counted them all up yet). Phil heard back from the Truman Scholarship people and he didn't get it. We don't mind too much at all it just makes deciding what to do for the future a much easier decision; teach! Phil has been enjoying working with his ESL students at Central for the semseter and I think that it has been a big help in knowing which direction to go with life. I don't mind because it means less poor college student life and more poor teacher life. Not really, I mean I wouldn't mind him being home all summer long with me, I'll even take a pay cut from an office job to have that.

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