Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Driving Miss Daisy ...(oops, Indiana)

I think that we are a bit too into driving around Indiana. We started in Muncie drove to Warsaw, back to Muncie, to Plainfield, back to Muncie, to Batesville and finally finished in Muncie.  Check out the cool map I made to show it.  The bell peppers are our stops and the lines make up the trips we took. (thanks to gimp)  We had a very successful weekend though.  I had a training session for a job.  The training session was similar to a torture session, I think they might have had a typo in the pamphlet, no it was just really boring and I would have rather been doing other things than having a paper read to me.  When we were in Plainfield we bought some cheap food storage a family was getting rid of because of a development of gluten allergies.  So more wheat and pasta for us!  Though we might run into a problem once it is time to go back to an apartment...oh well.  While in Batesville we got to see Robert who Phil has only seen about 4 days in the past 4 years before he was off for a crazy summer of work.  All in all a fun time.

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