Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back Home Again...

Good news I am back in Muncie during the week now!  I have been working up in Warsaw administering AIMSweb Tests.  The tests are in the elementary school to monitor the students progress the take the same test three time a school year.  I enjoyed the work because it was easy with kids, and paid really well.  Phil joined me in Warsaw on Friday to spend the weekend with the family and celebrate Matt's graduation from grad school at IUPUI.  Friday night for dinner I had the only batch of Morel Mushrooms of the season, thanks to Monica's generosity and hunting skills. (If you don't know what Morels are I suggest checking them out here) Saturday was quite the day for us, we went with the whole family to garage sells, okay this required the use of two mini-vans and a trip back with a van and the jeep.  We snagged lots of good deals Tashina got a steal on a set of dishes while I got the pitcher.  Matt got a new computer chair, but we got the best of all.  Here is the list of our bounty (in order of the purchase): Box of neck ties, purse, velcro catch set with tennis ball, blank journals (Phil), Sun Shaped clock for the kitchen, Pitcher, Platter, books, Masterpiece, White Dress Shirt, and an Organ!  We didn't even break 30 dollars!  The organ actually works and works really well.  Ally really enjoyed it while Phil was playing.  It is really old-school but everything works and has pedals and the whole nine yards even the funky built in beats.  Right now it is at my parents house while we figure out where to put it in the house since the Lyons already have the piano at the house.  The rest of the weekend was fun and filled with lots of family and friends, just the way we like it.

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