Thursday, February 19, 2009


Do you just ever feel tired of absolutely everything?  Well that is where I am at at this point in time with the week.  I am super ready for the weekend to come.  School is okay, I am really getting tired of some of the scheduling things right now.  I feel that I am not much help lately since I don't draw, not as far in the education program, or much else.  I kind of feel like a 17th? wheel.  We have been super busy with school, church stuff, Free the Slaves, work and everything else.  Oh good news!  I now have another job!  I work at the Compass tutoring a second grader with reading comprehension. Don't ask what I am going to do since I don't really know what the heck I am doing.  But we will find out soon enough.  Oh and here are some pictures from a recent visitor to the Virginia Ball Center.

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