Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend Wonders

So life here is pretty good for the most part busy and a bit stressful.  We are both super busy with the immersive learning projects, work and other random things.  It is nice to have our car back and not drive the minivan that feels like I am driving a bus. Over the weekend Phil had his speech tournament in Ohio and he took 5th place in persuasion and 1st place in impromptu!  Meanwhile I went to switch cars with Mom and Dad and we drove up to Michigan and looked at the partially frozen Lake Michigan.  We walked out on the pier some, so if the Calls remember what it looked like this summer, this is what it looks like in the winter.  It doesn't look quite as cool as it has in past years, but we aren't sure when in the winter we went, so that might affect it some.  And while in town we ate some yummy chocolate cake from the South Bend Chocolate Company's store!  On Sunday we had a couple from YSA over for dinner.  The guys talked while Rachael and I made dinner.  After we ate I started making the rice pudding for dessert using the Basmati rice and then the can of sweetened condensed milk for dessert while we played a game of Encore.  Yesterday my classes were super stressful because we are deciding what we are going to have in the exhibit for sure and start on it.  It is quite a hectic thing to do because people have really claimed ownership of ideas and don't want to see them get booted out of the exhibit. I think that at least a few of the people are a little angry at me because I pointed out that they didn't know what a "natural" beehive looked like.  Sorry to inform everyone but it isn't the one from Winnie the Pooh.  It is just a bunch of comb stuck inside a hole not the little strawish structure that most people think of.  But enough of me, Phil had an exciting day yesterday with his immersive learning project because the coach of the speech team asked him to go with them to State! 

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