Monday, February 9, 2009

Warning: Ranting Ahead Proceed with Caution

Okay I know that universities have to require english classes because if they didn't no one would ever take them.  Well Ball State decided that the only part of english that I need to learn about to become a well rounded person (though chocolate does a good job of it) is writing.  Tell me why do I have to take TWO writing classes and not a single literature class?  All of the other schools in the state have one writing and one literature class that is required, but oh no Not Ball State.  So if you were wondering I am taking the 2nd part of the Freshman english classes, I am 1 credit away from being a junior.  They decided that the class that I took in high school that was basically the same thing, just not quite as boring or useless wasn't enough to qualify so they gave me some random credit in english instead of the Eng 104.  I am just really mad because the professor isn't the best I have ever had and didn't show us any samples of what she really wanted us to do for the last assignment and as a result the whole class didn't do well (the highest grade I heard from anyone was a B-) Doesn't that mean something is wrong and you might want to address it before moving on?  Maybe it is just me and my stupidness as a pre-service teacher.  

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Shauna said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)