Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Moving Madness...

We have finally moved!  We are now living in the Lyon's house.  We had lots of help to get out of the Bender's apartment both sets of parents came to help pack, move and clean everything up.  I have been able to get much done on any of it before hand because of classes and just a crazy schedule in general, but we were out and cleaned up with the apartment in a few hours.  The place is amazingly clean (it never looked that good while we were living there).  The Dads took loads to the new house while the women packed and cleaned he entire apartment.  Phil couldn't help much because of classes and work...or maybe it is like Dad and the groceries that need brought in... No really he had four classes and work so he is off the hook.  Mom and Dad came with me to the Presidents Own Marine Corps Band last night and spent the night in our spare room on their "great" new air mattress.  (if you couldn't tell it was a horrible experience for the two of them) They left early in the morning and then it was off to classes again for the two of us. We had a short group meeting for Free The Slaves (a club that Phil started on campus) where we talked about t-shirt designs. (if interested just ask).  Well I will have to getsome pictures up here but this will do for now... or should I say...That'll do pig, that'll do.
The top picture is of the street view the one in the middle is the living room (notice how clean it is) and the last one is of the fact that we have leaves, and a sign in our y-a-r-d!  Yes a yard!

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