Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Camping, Battles, and Cowboys?

A couple weekends ago we were invited to go camping and attend Mississinewa 1812 with Ryan and Betty Jo Shrack. We used our park pass to get into Salemonie State Park, north of Muncie, and we reserved a campsite for our two tents. We have used ours' a few times but only in backyards, and the Shracks have never used theirs. We had some amazing Hobo dinners that the Shracks made from some of the beef from their family's cow. Of course we had the traditional s'mores over the fire and Ryan read a story for us. We slept in and made some pancakes and sausage on the 

griddle that the Shracks had given us because they had two. It was nice that the guys cooked both meals for us while we were camping! Once we packed everything back up in the car we drove to the battlefield for Mississinewa. We had a fun time watching the reenactment, listening to some folk music and eating delicious food! I saw my old Venture Crew there and talked to them for quite some time. Once we got back to our house we went grocery shopping and headed to Late Nite to pick up a magnet we made the last time. We weren't 

planning on staying but it was a great time. There was fried chicken and pie, an inflatable slide, bandana decorating, and western pictures! We couldn't do all of the other stuff that was there because we had food in the car that needed to get home, so I got out of line dancing!

Picture explanations--
Top:  phil and I trying on period hats...
Middle:  Ryan and Betty Jo Shrack
    Bottom: At our campsite in front of our tent...

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