Monday, October 27, 2008

That feeling you get....

...when you fall on your butt in the middle of a crowd of college kids. Ahh, this feeling hit close to home when I fell during Late Nite on Saturday night. Well the theme this time was I don't wanna grow up. It had lots of fun stuff like candy, movies, finger painting, and even roller skating! Well me being the silly person I am decided that we had to try it out since the last time I went skating was at the annual canned food drive at the skating rink in 6th grade! Well I did fine while we were skating, I went pretty slow but did a decent enough job, didn't fall once. Then when we decided to head home for the evening I went to take my skates off and had a hard time of it. Phil had finished taking his off and came over to help me. Well he took ahold of my one foot and yanked, and I suddenly was sitting on the floor. Quite a surprise. It would have been funny to see because I was standing between the skate holders and then I wasn't so whoever was watching probably had a good laugh about it. The evening was fun though. Before going to late nite we went to a party with some friends from the church. We played a game of Settlers of Catan, I suddenly came from behind (with the help of a sheep from someone else) to win the game! It was my first time playing so I felt pretty special! All of the pictures are from different late nites that we have been to this year and one from last year too.

P.S. I also added pictures to some of the older posts so check out all of them from October!

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JACKIE said...

You need to put a note at the top that you've edited you old blogs and added pictures. Good job. I love the hats.