Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer Vacation 2015: North Carolina

Next stop on our southern tour was down to North Carolina to visit Phil's brother Robert and his family.  We had a fun time puttering around the Chapel Hill area and just spending time together. We had fun activities planned and didn't actually get around to doing most of them, but the alternatives were amazingly fun as well! We had an exciting first evening when the power went out, met up with some friends, and went to some fun shops just off campus and checked out the botanical gardens.

Pete showing his transformers to Heather and Quinn while Nora plays with my phone

Phil's idea of "putting Nora to bed"

Both Dads wearing babies

Phil and the kids on a bridge on our walk

Pete digging in the kids dig area, He loved it!

We found this fella

taking a break on the porch area

Nora snuggled up with dad when she wasn't quite ready to be awake yet.

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